Economic Development

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When it comes to site selection in Mississippi, Cooperative Energy is more than an energy provider. Our business connections, customized incentives and time-saving resources can help you expedite your new construction, relocation or expansion project.

Project Management

Customized Incentives

Data and Research

Existing Industry and Expansion Support

Foreign Direct Investment Assistance

Marketing and GIS Services

  • Project Management

    We work with our state and local economic developers to streamline project management. To expedite your site selection search, we can provide research, technical assistance, rate estimates, and more.

  • Data and Research

    Need data? Our team has access to workforce, business, demographic and consumer data which we make available to our partners at no cost.

  • Existing Business & Industry Support

    To help existing companies in our area grow and expand, we combine forces with our member system to provide affordable and reliable power and other business support.

  • Customized Incentives

    We offer grants for product development and eligible economic development projects. In addition, incentivized rates in the form of Demand Discounts and/or Energy Discounts may be available.

  • Marketing & GIS Services

    We offer our local communities graphic design and marketing assistance as well as customized mapping and GIS services.

  • Foreign Direct Investment Assistance

    As a foreign company, it can be intimidating to enter a new market, but we are here to help. Check out our “Doing Business in Mississippi – Resource Guide“, to learn more.


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The Cooperative Energy Economic Development team is adjusting to the new “normal”; however, our mission remains the same: foster opportunities to create jobs for Mississippians! Each week we release "SPARKnotes" which includes the latest economic development news, market updates, and generally helpful tips as the nation navigates life in the latest stage of COVID-19.


SPARKnotes Archives

Business Climate Flyers

Each year we publish business climate flyers for the 55 counties we serve. These include information on population, workforce, cost of living and much more.

To access a county's flyer, click on the corresponding area on the map.