Renewable Energy

Powering our future with naturally replenished energy sources.

Taking care of Mississippi’s future means investing in renewable energy today. At Cooperative Energy, we are incorporating more green power resources to help protect Mississippi’s environment and keep our air and water clean for future generations. Plus, maintaining a mix of diverse energy sources helps protect both power availability and affordability, keeping your lights on and your energy bills low.


Cooperative Solar Logo

With solar energy, the future is bright.

Solar power is a leading form of environmentally friendly energy. Panels are used to collect sunlight, which is then converted into electricity. Our members asked for solar power and it’s just one way we help keep the environment clean where we work, live and play.

Small solar sites

We currently operate nine small-scale solar sites at Coahoma, Coast, Delta, Dixie, Magnolia, Singing River, Southern Pine, Twin County, Yazoo Valley electric power cooperatives. Each installation is 100 kilowatts or less. Starting with small solar facilities across the state allowed us to determine the best location, technology and proper configurations for future solar facilities. We’re making certain our investments are sound, economical and successful for our members.

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Newest solar venture

Our 52MW solar energy facility in Lamar County is up and running. Origis Energy constructed and operates the electric generation site. Cooperative Energy purchases all power produced at the location. The site covers 540 acres and is home to approximately 208,000 photovoltaic solar panels.


Harnessing the power of water.

Hydropower is a cost-effective, renewable and reliable resource. Cooperative Energy receives wholesale hydropower from several reservoirs and dams operated by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA), which is headquartered in Georgia.

Protecting the Environment

We’re not just powering your home. We’re protecting how you recharge.

In Mississippi, enjoying the outdoors is how many of us recharge. So we’re working hard to protect the natural environment we all enjoy. We’ve already invested over $621 million in the last six years to reduce emissions and to improve the overall efficiency of our existing generating fleet. And we’re not done yet.

Keeping it Clean

Since 2005, the Cooperative Energy Member Systems have reduced carbon emissions over 40%. Investing in hydro and solar, and eventually adding wind, will further reduce harmful emissions.


Each of our electric cooperatives reaches out on a local level to help make communities a better place. We participate in Adopt-a-Highway, Habitat for Humanity, Earth Day programs and many more.

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