Cooperative Energy, together with our Members, creates a stronger future for Mississippi communities by delivering affordable, reliable energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

About Cooperative Energy

Cooperative Energy, Mississippi’s only wholesale generation and transmission cooperative, works with 11 member-owned electric distribution cooperatives throughout Mississippi to provide safe, reliable and affordable power to more than 448,000 homes and businesses. As 12 electric cooperatives working as one, we have more power to do good for our members and communities. We are not-for-profit, member-owned, locally led, and community-driven. We have operated for 80 years with these guiding principles and will continue to make our mission our top priority.

About Your Electric Rates

Our distribution cooperative Members buy their power from Cooperative Energy. Each cooperative operates at the local level with its own board of directors and according to the needs of its community. Our electric rates are comparable to other electric providers in Mississippi. As a cooperative, we are not-for-profit and member-owned providing power to rural areas in 55 of Mississippi’s 82 counties.

About Governance

Our Member cooperatives are managed and operated by a highly trained workforce, beginning with oversight from locally elected board members, to day-to-day management teams to professional field technicians. Board members and management teams live and work in their communities. They listen and respond to members’ suggestions and requests and serve as a trusted, value-adding resource to their communities.

About Our Workplace

Cooperative Energy is proud of our 500+ employee workforce, a highly disciplined and focused group of men and women who keep our facilities, resources, and operations running strong. We provide a safe and healthy work environment and provide competitive salaries and benefits with an excellent work safety record.