Connor Industries locating operations in Coahoma County


Boat manufacturer Connor Industries is locating operations in Clarksdale. The project represents a corporate investment of at least $8 million and will create 56 jobs.


Connor Industries’ new location will enable the company to manufacture and test boats year-round on the Mississippi River. The project involves the construction of a new 48,600-square-foot facility to house Connor Industries’ new Clarksdale operations, as well as public infrastructure improvements in north Coahoma County, including the construction of a new road over the Mississippi River levee and a river dock landing.


The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for site development and infrastructure improvements. Substantive additional support is being provided through grants from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and Delta Regional Authority.


Coahoma Electric and Cooperative Energy were a key part in supporting Connor Industries’ decision to locate in Coahoma County. Through a $50,000 Cooperative Competes grant, Coahoma Electric defrayed electric connection costs for this project, relieving Connor Industries from an additional upfront capital outlay.


Based in Canada, Connor Industries’ product line includes welded aluminum commercial, luxury and emergency response vessels. The company expects to complete construction next year and plans to fill the 56 jobs shortly after completion.




“Connor Industries’ new location in Coahoma County is another reminder of the incredible variety of resources that our state has to offer. This significant private-sector investment will bring new opportunities to the people of Coahoma County that, in turn, will strengthen the area’s economy through local spending and a stronger tax base. I welcome Connor Industries to our great state, and I wish the company many years of success in the Mississippi Delta.” – Gov. Tate Reeves


“Each new economic development win is great news for our local communities and the entire state. Mississippi touts its pro-business policies to companies around the globe, and Connor Industries’ decision to locate in Coahoma County is a fantastic reminder that companies outside our state are increasingly looking here for business opportunities.” – MDA Executive Director Bill Cork


“Our county is grateful that Bill Connor wishes to locate here. We pledge our support to help him become among the most successful businesses in our state. We are grateful for the state and federal support necessary to make this project possible. We look forward to the new jobs Connor Industries will create for our citizens and the significant benefits those jobs will have on our local economy.”Coahoma County Board of Supervisors President Pat Davis


“We are thrilled to create new economic opportunity for the citizens of Coahoma County and the entire northwest Delta region. We are grateful to all those in local, state and the federal U.S. government who have helped in the recruitment and funding of infrastructure necessary for Connor Industries to expand into Coahoma County, Mississippi. We are excited for the growth opportunities for our company represented by this expansion.” – Connor Industries Founder and CEO Bill Connor


“While many know Coahoma Electric as a power provide in our area, many may not know that our wholesale power provider, Cooperative Energy, has an entire team of economic development professionals dedicated to working projects like this in the region. The team serves as an extension of ours, and the economic development services they provide helps us compete at an even higher level and on an international scale, attracting businesses like Connor Industries to Coahoma County.” – Coahoma Electric General Manager Keith Hurt




About Cooperative Energy – Cooperative Energy generates and transmits electricity to 11 Member-owned electric distribution cooperatives. Known as the Power of 12, Cooperative Energy and its Member cooperatives work together to provide safe, reliable, and affordable power from the Mississippi Delta to the Coast. The 11 electric cooperatives own and maintain more than 58,000 miles of distribution lines and provide service to more than one million Mississippians throughout 55 counties.


About Coahoma Electric – Coahoma Electric Power Association was formed in 1937 by local citizens who wished to make electricity available for the rural areas of the north Delta.  Since its beginning, Coahoma EPA has worked to provide low cost electricity to its consumers throughout northern Mississippi. Today, Coahoma EPA serves nearly 8,000 members in seven northwest Mississippi counties. Coahoma Electric has over 41 full-time employees.


About Mississippi Development Authority

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